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Quality Gantry CNC Flame Plasma Cutting Machine for Metal Aluminum Steel

2016-06-27 16:29:38   Views:
This machine mainly used to iron, aluminum, galvanized sheet, white sheet, titanium plate and other metal plates Processing shells of machinery and electronic products, advertising signs, crafts, iron garden, car manufacture, boat building, electrical accessories, board cutting
Main configuration and function introduction
# Strong drag chain--Traction and protection, smart high intensity, ametabolic rigidity, easy installation, use and reliable, easy yo tear open outfit.
# To protect the cable also make machine overall looks more beautiful
# Double heads--plasma cutter head can cut less than 40mm thickness( depends on power supply's current),
flame cutter head can cut 200mm thickness, can perfect meet your cutting demands
# Limit switch---Use it to control the workpiece movement or automatic feed, to avoid collision accident
# 24KGS guide rail--more stable
# Starfire cutting system and HYD auto arc voltage THC ---
The numerical control system with high disposes, the automatic striking arc, the performance is stable,Automatic height adjust system
---can according to your material planeness, cutting head can automatically stable, and fast adjust.
Plasma Source  :
#  American hypertherm power supply : 45A, 65A, 85A, 105A, 125A, 200A,
# Chinese LGK power supply: 63A, 100A, 160A, 100A, 300A 
Technical specification
NO Item Specification
1 Model  FMP6030
2 Horizontal track space 4m
3 Effective cutting width  3m
4 Longitudinal track space 8m
5 Effective cutting length 6m
6 Cutting speed  20-25m/min
7 Cutting precision 0.05mm
8 Cutting thickness 0-40mm--plasma cutter head
200mm--flame cutter head
9 Cutting system  Starfire cutting system (English) 
10 Arc height control  Arc torch voltage height control
11 Table structure  Whole iron body, thick steel
12 Motor  Japan YASKAWA servo motor--3 sets
13 Planet reducer Japan SHIMPO
14 Motor power 750w 
15 Transmission way High precision rack gear
16 Guide rail All axis use HIWIN square rail
17 Solenoid valve  Italy CEME
18 Power supply  Hypertherm MAXPRO200A
19 Drawing software  CAD
20 Nesting software  Australia FASTCAM software
21 Output way  Artcam, type3 
22 LCD display dimension  10.4 inches 
23 Drive mode Drive mode
24 Height regulating device Arc voltage height and Electric adjustable high
25 Gas pressure  Max. 0.1 Mpa
26 Oxygen pressure  Max. 0.7 Mpa
27 Other parts  One set plasma nozzle sent for free 
They are widely used in ship, car, boiler pressure vessel, steel structure, plane, engineering machinery and other fields.
They use flame cutting to cut carbon steel, use plasma to cut stainless steel, aluminum, copper and other metal plates. They are especially fit for irregular drawing batch cutting.

Company Information
JINAN FIRMCNC EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD the professional cnc router and laser cutting machine manufacturer, which is located in Jinan city ,China.
We started to sell cnc machine in China since 2009 ,and then start our business abroad since 2013 , Our machine sells well in global area, like the North America, Europe, Middle East , 

1) Foam and wrapping film on the surface of the machine inside. Rain-proof, Dust proof.
2)Standard export plywood case. Upwards, moistureproof shipping marks. Safety guaranteed.
3) fumigation-free
4)With shipping mark if you like.
5)Outside: Marked packing size, model, weight and other information



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