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Factory Sale CO2 1325 Laser Cutting Machine for Metal and Nonmetal

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Mainly used for various alloy sheet steel, carbon steel, copper, steel, aluminum, spring steel, galvanized plate,  aluminum plate, titanium cutting etc

Main features
1.Imported stepper motor and drive systems
2.Domestic reci lasers (150W/ 180W/ 200W) optional, Adopted imported linear guide rail
3.Large LCD display subtitles, humane button control panel
4.Optical system using the full import of laser lens system in Singapore 
5.High strength stainless iron or aluminum honeycomb floor slats optional knife
6.Ruida controller system--6332 model
7.Water chiller --CW5000/CW5200/CW6000,is used to cool laser tube down during working 
less than 100w laser power, it is better to choose water pump. 
more than 100w laser power, it is better to choose water chiller
Technical specification 
No Model FMJ1325 metal laser cutting machine
1 Effective working size 1300*250 mm
2 Laser power W6/W8 150W/180W RECI laser tube
3 Laser type CO2 laser tube
4 Cutting speed 0-200mm/s
5 Working accuracy ±0.005mm
6 Control system Ruida control system--model 6332
7 Guide rail Taiwan HIWIN square rail
8 Motor Step motor and drivers
9 Cutting thickness 0-2 mm
10 Table structure Mesa of the blade
11 Dust collector 550W x air exhaust fan with tube ducts
12 Transmission way Shanghai Fulong Belt drive
13 Min. shaping character Character 2*2mm, English 1 x 1mm
14 Graphic format supported PLT, DXF, BMP, AI, DSP
15 Software supported CorelDraw, Photoshop, AutoCAD
16 Driving system Step motor
17 Cooling system Water pump/Water chiller
18 Water chiller CW5000/CW5200
19 Laser tube lifetime RECI laser tube:10000h
20 Power supply 220V±10% 50HZ or 110V±10% 60HZ
21 Operation temperature 0 - 45°C
22 Operation humidity 5 - 95%
23 Recommended spare part Laser tube and lens
Main configuration
1X Laser tube
1set X Mirror and lens
1X Water chiller 1X EXHAUST FAN   1x exhaust fan smoke pipe, 1X water pipe
1x USB cable      1x communication cable    1x CD(Ruida software english version)
25 Warranty 1)All the machines will be full tested before shipment.
2)Laser tube 10000 hours' working time.
3)The total machine guarantee for 18 month. Laser tube and Lens for 6 Months.
4)24 hours technical support-- email, telephone or video online.
5)User-friendly English manual for machine using and maintaining.

Widely used in advertising signs, sheet metal structure, high and low voltage cabinet making, t
extile machinery, kitchenware, automobiles, machinery, electric saws, 
precision parts, subway parts, metal crafts and so on
Various alloy sheet steel, carbon steel, copper, steel, aluminum, spring steel, galvanized plate, 
aluminum plate, titanium etc.

Workshop show 
Our Services
1. 12 Months for Machine
2. 10 Months for laser tube
3. 6 Months for equipments outside, such as water chillrt, fan, air pump, etc.
4. Detailed manual and video to guide the user how to use the machine and maintenance, also supply the 
specs settings for the speed and power to engrave or cut on various material.
5. Lifely and fast technical guide and solution within 24 hours by email and web camera.
6. The machine will be tested before delivery

Packaging & Shipping
1) Foam and wrapping film on the surface of the machine inside. Rain-proof, Dust proof.
2)Standard export plywood case. Upwards, moistureproof shipping marks. Safety guaranteed.
3) fumigation-free
4)With shipping mark if you like.
5)Outside: Marked packing size, model, weight and other information

Q. What materials can be engraved on Laser engraver and cutting machine?
A. A large range of both metallic and non metallic materials can be engraved on our laser engraver machine 
including Traffolyte, stainless steel, acrylic plastics,wood, leather, glass, stone, fabric and many more. 
Q. What materials can be cut on Laser engraver and cutting machine?
A. Many (non metallic) materials can be cut on our Laser engraving and cutting machine.
our Laser machines are often used to Laser cut materials such as industrial labels, timber, acrylic, fabric and paper. 
Q. What industries would use Laser engraving and cutting machine?
A. Many industries can use our Lasers engraving and cutting machines for a huge range of applications. 
The laser engraving machines are used for part numbers, labeling, bar-coding, signage, 
promotional goods and many, many others.
Q. How thick can Laser machine cut?
A. How thick our Laser cutter can cut depends on the wattage of the laser and the material, 
but for an example a 100W laser can cut up to 10mm acrylic with good edge quality.
Q. What power supply is needed to run Laser engraving and cutting machine?
A. All our Laser's laser engraving and cutting machines run off standard Australian 240V power.
For any other questions or expressions of interest please be sure to visit the contact us page for an online form.

If you want to buy laser machine, please feel free to contact me. I will recommend suitable model and best price.

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